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10to8 – Increased visibility on feedback leading to better product offerings

Feedback tracked in Shipright 3000+ users

About 10to8

Businesses and organizations of all sizes spend on average more than 10 minutes scheduling an appointment with a user. As such, 10to8 was started to reduce this 10 minutes down to 8 seconds through an easy to use online scheduling and appointment reminder software system.

Today, they’re trusted by more than 50,000 companies around the world from health practitioners to pet groomers to nail salons to universities that use their many features to allow their customers to use their booking service 24/7 and to communicate with them to reduce no-shows and administrative time as well as increase bookings.

Life before Shipright

10to8 is a feature-rich product that is used by businesses of all sizes, in very different industries, as such gathering customer feedback to continuously improve their product and features is extremely important. But the team didn’t have a good and simple method to record, track, categorize and share feedback.

“Since feedback was gathered by various teams and there wasn’t a centralized place to store it, it was hard not to lose feedback. It wasn’t put in the right place or people would forget where it was, so we were continuously searching,” says Anna Kocsis, the company’s Digital Marketing Executive.

Marcel Wundrich, Customer Service Manager notes that the organization was lacking a way to organize the feedback they were gathering and a way to include the context behind the requests in a clear and concise way to the other teams, that also needed access to this type of feedback to make product decisions.

Life with Shipright

Always on the lookout for ways to make the company’s workflow easier and ways to improve customer service and their product, the Customer Service team was actively looking for a tool that would help them gather and organize customer feedback.

The team came across Shipright and after giving it a try, decided to sign on as a customer.

As Richard Hills, Managing Director, notes "Shipright is a great way for our support and engineering teams to filter and absorb feedback from our customers, without the distraction and firefighting that often comes from the front lines of customer service, helping us make better product decisions."

Now using Shipright, each team within 10to8, from customer success to support to marketing to sales to engineering, can identify a piece of feedback from their respective tools and interactions, and send it to Shipright, where everything is categorized.

“It’s so easy to use and works with the tools we already use“

“It’s become a reflex now to see a piece of feedback, highlight it and send it to Shipright to tag it and categorize it. The browser extension is especially great for that.” says Anna.


Marcel notes that using Shipright saves the engineering team a lot of time, as they can quickly scan the feedback, rather than having to read an entire customer chat transcription. With the feedback categorized, they can find all the relevant information about a feature or a customer segment, in one place, no matter who it was collected by.

“If, for example, we wanted to make an upgrade to our online booking platform, then we could do a quick search for all of the feedback related to it and see which customer segment it came from and also establish patterns between all of the feedback to help guide our product development,” says Anna.

“It’s easy to see now that customer feedback from different sources was actually the same feedback on a feature, just from two different angles“

She notes that one of the big advantages with Shipright, is that they’ve been better able to see objective correlations in the feedback. “It’s easy to see now that customer feedback from different sources was actually the same feedback on a feature, just from two different angles, something that would’ve been really hard to determine without having all of the feedback in one place,” says Anna. “This helps us establish patterns and build and ship accordingly.”

They can also sort feedback by customer segment, which is particularly important for 10to8 as they deal with a wide range of businesses and organizations.

“By being able to categorize by customer segment, such as enterprise clients or SMEs, we are able to understand our customers even better now, as well as what they love about the product and what they’d like to see,” says Anna. “It really helps us create a timeline around our feature releases.”

Beyond gathering feedback on their product and features, the teams have also been using Shipright to validate new features or upgrades before they ship them to gather feedback to ensure they’re shipping the right features.

“It’s really helped us put our feedback organized in one place and all being able to interact with it has really benefited our product offerings, our users and our company,” ends Anna.

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