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Hyper growth with a Product-Led Growth Strategy

Zivver needs to be very user-centric to execute on the strategy that helped scaling to 300,000 customers. Using Shipright, they understand their user needs at all times.

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zivver product management
10to8 product management

Serving 50,000 customers with a team of 12

How 10to8 used Shipright to increase visibility on their user feedback, leading to better product offerings.

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Quote Kate

"Really love the product! It saves so much time and helps a lot in organizing our feedback. Awesome idea and huge potential."

Kate from Growbots uses Shipright

Kate Zalewska

Product Owner at Growbots

Quote Nina

"Quick, easy, and super helpful to collect and organise feedback from all kinds of channels we use to communicate with our customers."

Nina from Studyflow uses Shipright

Nina van Adrichem

Designer at Studyflow

Quote Marcel

"The extension makes collecting feedback so much easier! Shipright then really helps us make decisions based on the data we collected."

Marcel from 10to8 uses Shipright

Marcel Wundrich

Customer Service Manager at 10to8

Feedback organized in one place

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