Track product feedback in one organized place

A lightweight tool to discover and track your customers’ feature requests, needs, and product pains. Build better products with all product feedback at hand.

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Shipright user interface
A few of our early customers

Chrome & Firefox extension

Let any colleague log product feedback faster

No more messy sheets or chaotic Trello boards. Enable sales, success, support & others to log useful product feedback for the product team in seconds instead of minutes.

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Easily search all feedback

Works from any tool

Log feedback from Zendesk, Intercom, SalesForce. You name it.


Helps group feedback

Avoid duplicates and the hassle to group similar requests.


Meta data on a whim

Our Intercom integration helps store customer meta data automatically.

Guide product decisions with confidence

Know what feedback matters most to whom and why, from one place. Inform product planning & prioritization, and have the details to follow-up with customers.

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product decisions with confidence
Close the feedback loop

Keep team members in the loop

Don’t leave team members in the dark. Shipright closes the loop on product feedback they submitted with e-mail digests & status updates.

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Coming Soon for Intercom users

Automated feedback suggestions

Not sure if you’re missing out on useful feedback from customer interactions? With Discover, we’ll suggest feedback quotes to help you enrich requests or needs you already logged.

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Automated feedback suggestions
Quote Kate

"Really love the product! It saves so much time and helps a lot in organizing our feedback. Awesome idea and huge potential."

Kate from Growbots uses Shipright

Kate Zalewska

Product Owner at Growbots

Quote Nina

"Quick, easy, and super helpful to collect and organise feedback from all kinds of channels we use to communicate with our customers."

Nina from Studyflow uses Shipright

Nina van Adrichem

Designer at Studyflow

Quote Marcel

"The extension makes collecting feedback so much easier! Shipright then really helps us make decisions based on the data we collected."

Marcel from 10to8 uses Shipright

Marcel Wundrich

Customer Service Manager at 10to8

Feedback organized in one place

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