Get user insights, together.

Capture user insights as a product team and get a pulse on what's important from a user perspective.

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Capture user insights together

Customer success, UX design, product management, everyone stumbles upon user insights at times. Our browser extension helps you capture the ones that matter, within a snap of a finger.

Capture user feedback and keep track
Example use cases
  • Capture user feedback from Intercom & Zendesk with Shipright Catch

    Capture feedback or feature requests from support & chat

  • Capture notes and user insights from google docs / sheets / drive

    Capture insights right from your notes in Docs or any other online writing tool

  • Capture user feedback from your CRM like Hubspot with Shipright Catch

    Select meaningful insights right from your favorite CRM application or Gmail

  • Capture user feedback from Twitter & Facebook with Shipright Catch

    Feedback via Twitter or Facebook? Make sure you keep track of it

  • Capture user feedback from online reviews with Shipright Catch

    Reviews anywhere on the Web? Just select the text, and send it to Shipright

Centralize all of your user insights

No more buried spreadsheets, docs, and chaotic Slack channels with user insights. Store it in one place so you and your team can access it easily.

Get All User Feedback & Research Data Together, collect in one place
  • Capture feedback anywhere on the Web with the browser extension

  • Import bulk feedback, such as (NPS) survey results, with ease

  • Add existing notes by forwarding them to your Shipright email address

Synthesize what's most important

Sift through and highlight the essence of submitted feedback or customer conversations. Tag highlights to group similar ones.

Highlight and analyze feedback, analyze like affinity mapping
  • A workflow to process & analyze newly added feedback — collaboratively

  • Capture essential insights for your product by highlighting

  • Tag your highlights to group all similar user insights

Find user insights back easily

Find things back based on factors that are relevant for your product. Easily browse and find the insights you're looking for.

Organize feedback by tags, similar to coding qualitative data
  • Easily search through all of your collected user insights

  • Focus on insights from specific customer segments, people, or persona

  • Find insights based on relevant factors, like related app component

Improved product decisions

Get a solid pulse on what users are saying and improve product planning, design & development decisions.

Overview of what users are saying to improve roadmapping, determine priorities, design decisions
  • Get a sense of priority based on what your users are saying

  • Improve product design & development decisions with user context

  • Share interesting insights with your team members

Liz from Lola uses Shipright

“With feedback coming from all directions, Shipright helps store and organize it all. Simpler review process for faster product decisions!”

Liz Mongrello — User Research Coordinator at Lola

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