Turn Intercom conversations into product insights.

Make tracking customer needs, requests & pain points from Intercom conversations a breeze. Be well-informed and make better product decisions.

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Keep a quick pulse on important feedback

Shipright helps you focus on what’s important. Stay up-to-date on relevant product-related feedback flowing in from Intercom with ease.

Easily search all feedback

Find the conversations you’re looking for

Easily search through all your conversations for product feedback & take things like customer segments, subscription plans, and personas into account.

Easily search all feedback

Store & group specific insights faster

No more messy sheets to keep track of specific customer needs, requests or pain points. We help you easily store, group, and organize them.

Extract insights from feedback

Gauge what's most important

Easily see which specific needs, requests, or pain points matter most to whom and why. Have a prioritized list, ready to make well-informed product decisions.

Insights prioritized

A shared understanding

Invite team members to stay in the loop of important product feedback. Let them easily consume insights in one spot, with all the context they need.

Invite team members

Back design & product decisions

Share your insights on backlog stories or roadmap items to demonstrate what inspired them. It provides all the context to back decisions and shape better solutions.

Back product decisions
Liz from Lola uses Shipright

“With feedback coming from all directions, Shipright helps store and organize it all. Simpler review process for faster product decisions!”

Liz Mongrello — User Research Coordinator at Lola

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